Sea Dancer – The Best Diving in Dahab

We aim to be the best dive center in Dahab! At Sea Dancer you will enjoy a fantastic and unique diving experience. We assure you that diving in Dahab is going to be some of the best holidays of your life. Whether you want to learn to dive, advance your training or just enjoy the beautiful sea life around Sinai, our multi-lingual, professional staff are here to ensure you get the most from your diving experience. For your non-diving friends, check out the Activities in Dahab section to find information about snorkelling and things to do while staying dry. We hope to see you here diving and having fun with us very soon!

Passion for teaching
Superb training in all varieties of recreational and technical diving. From entry level up to professional training.

All varieties of Diving
Dahab is, quite simply, a diving theme park. We have something to offer divers of all skill levels and experience.

Best Value for your money
For specific offers you can check our blog or contact us directly. We will go out of our way to help you!

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Certificate of Excellence
Don’t Just Hope for the Best

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Why Us

Over the years we have established a reputation for friendliness, professionalism, quality equipment, environmental awareness and above all, excellent safety standards. We offer a far more personal atmosphere than most centers; to us diving is a passion, not just a business.

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Why Dahab

The combination of starkly beautiful desert scenery, majestic mountains, vibrant marine life, relaxed pace of life and accommodation to suit all tastes and budget make Dahab truly unique compared with other destinations and aptly named as “Gold”.

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