Getting Around Dahab

Getting Around Dahab

Around Dahab

Getting Around Dahab is relatively easy, many hotels are within a short walk of Sea Dancer, the sea, shops, restaurants and bars. Others are a short taxi ride away and some hotels, which are further out of town run a shuttle bus service.

Taxis in Dahab are most commonly the ubiquitous pick-up trucks used by the Bedouins, but may also be jeeps or mini-buses (or even the odd one that actually looks like a taxi!) How do you know if it’s a taxi? Easy, the driver will be shouting ‘Taxi, Taxi’ at you, or maybe ‘Tax, Tax’ which is even less appealing. Expect to pay a minimum of 5 LE for short rides and around 30 LE from the hotels which are further out of town.

Bicycles are easy to rent, but check them over first, (brakes are often an optional extra) A good bike will cost around 40 LE for a day. Motorcycles are increasingly available for around 150 LE per day.

Private car rental is possible for the brave. Bring an international license and make sure you are familiar with Egyptian driving techniques (indicating left may mean, ‘I’m turning left’ or ‘It’s safe to pass me on the left’ or ‘Don’t pass me on the left, there is a very big truck coming’, only the Egyptians know which is which, and often they’re not even sure) Be aware that Egypt has one of the worst road traffic accident levels in the world.

Further Afield

Regular buses run to Sharm and Cairo, but only one a day to the border town of Taba. Private mini-buses and taxis can also be easily arranged. Overnight buses make the longer haul to Luxor and other parts of Southern Egypt.

In the last few years cheap internal air travel has become possible thanks to Egypt Air, please see their website for details

Ferries run out of Nuweiba to Jordan daily, and a service also sails between Sharm and Hurghada. These services are notoriously unreliable. Please check the situation at your time of travel.


Cheap international flights fly into many Egyptian destinations. Egypt Air fly to most European countries and now offer a baggage allowance of 46 kg* You can also check the following carriers.

  • UK: Easyjet
  • Germany: Tuifly & Condor
  • France: Easyjet
  • Spain: Ryanair to Geneva then Easyjet to Egypt
  • Hungary: Anubis Travel, OTP Travel & Egypt Air
  • Denmark: Air Berlin & Tuifly from Germany
  • Switzerland: Easyjet

* Correct as of 12 June 2012


Some of Egypt’s land borders are extremely sensitive, always check the current situation before travel. Currently it’s easy to travel overland into Israel and Sudan and by boat to Jordan (or overland through Israel)

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