Dahab, Masbat Bay
Dahab, a name which literally means gold in Arabic, was once a sleepy Bedouin village on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.

Backpackers discovered the village in the early seventies. It was then, and still can be now, a real paradise for people who wished to relax on the cheap without any luxuries. The growth of recreational diving in the eighties and nineties saw the development of many Dive Centers, restaurants and hotels. Even with this growth in infrastructure Dahab has remained a place where you can find not only a divers paradise, but a town which has managed to retain its traditional atmosphere where it’s still common to see the local Bedouins go about their daily business by camel.

What really sets Dahab apart from other Egyptian destinations is the vibrant mix of people from all over the world, all with two things in common, firstly (and obviously) a love of diving and the underwater world, secondly a desire to find a lifestyle not based on consumerism and the endless pursuit of the almighty dollar (Euro?)

The combination of starkly beautiful desert scenery, majestic mountains, vibrant marine life, relaxed pace of life and accommodation to suit all tastes and budget make Dahab truly unique compared with other destinations and aptly named as “Gold”.

"Happy - We are from Dahab" Video