Environmental Considerations and Guidelines for Dahab

It is unavoidable that with an increase in tourism comes more stress on the local environment.

Unfortunately all the worlds aquatic environments are under threat, be it from over-fishing, pollution, insensitive development, global warming or a host of other factors. Almost without exception the blame lies squarely with the actions of man.

As divers we are lucky enough to be able to interact with a world below the waves as well as that on land. This privilege brings with it extra responsibilities.

Divers must accept that their sport has had a major impact on the health of many coral reefs. Poor buoyancy control is the most common reason for coral damage, many photographers have great pictures of corals they are about to destroy and careless fin kicks break delicate corals on a daily basis.

To minimise your impact on the underwater world always follow these environmental considerations and guidelines;

  • Always make a weight/buoyancy check away from the reef when diving with new or different equipment or when diving in a new area
  • Ensure you are familiar with local conditions and laws and dive within your experience level.
  • Avoid eating sea food. Overfishing is a worldwide problem which people need to start taking seriously. Ordering fish, shrimps and calamari encourage more people to try and catch the very things that you, as divers, have come it see!
  • Never touch or take anything natural when diving. If you are undertaking an underwater clean-up dive make sure you know what can be removed, (some man made objects are not harmful to marine life and may even provide good shelter for fish life or be a suitable structure for coral growth).
  • Make sure you have the experience and control necessary to undertake underwater photography.
  • Always take your trash away with you and pick up any litter you find around the dive site.
  • Do not feed fish as this interferes with their natural behaviour and some food may even be harmful.
  • Do not fish or spear fish.
  • When shore diving only enter/exit at the designated points and only cross the reef shelf where is indicated by markers or by your guide.

At Sea Dancer we ensure that our students and fun divers are aware of these guidelines and make their reef interaction as benign as possible. Occasional mishaps are unavoidable, but any diver blatantly disrespecting these rules or unwilling to take advise from their guide are not welcome on our reefs.

We want all our divers to enjoy their diving holiday but a dive which results in reef damage is not a “fun” dive.Have fun, dive safe.


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