Fluo Dive – Glow in the Dark Moray

“What is the coolest thing ever?
A Glow in the Dark Moray!!!
If you want more… Come to Sea Dancer”

Towards the end of last nights Fluo Dive, we came upon this amazing creature. My first ever glow in the dark moray. Notice that only the body is glowing. This is a yellow edged moray, by the way.

This fluo diving is so incredible. It seems that we find something new on every dive we do. What will be next? Personally I would like to see a fluorescent turtle, but i seriously doubt that it exists.

For the uninitiated, fluo diving is night diving with special lights that trigger a fluorescent protein in some underwater organisms, especially coral.

Why is this moray glowing? It could be a defence mechanism, to attract a mate or just to look super cool.

This fluo dive also marks our first trial of fluo videography. Hopefully I will be able to write a post about that, when the technique has been perfected.

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Lionfish hunting
Lionfish hunting
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