As one door closes another one opens

As one door closes another one opens

There is an Old English saying “As one door closes another one opens”

At Sea Dancer we were very sad to close our dive centre at The Acacia Hotel. In the few years it was open, the team built a great reputation with a fantastically loyal customer base, many of which have become great friends.

Unfortunately, with the drastic downturn in tourist numbers visiting Dahab (and Egypt in general) it was completely uneconomical to maintain two dive centres in close proximity to each other, catering to largely the same customer base. The only sensible choice was to close one. This was not an easy decision to make, but it was the only way to ensure our viability at that difficult time.

“One door closes …”

Almost as soon as we announced the closure of our Acacia branch, Sea Dancer’s reputation lead us to be offered a fantastic opportunity to open a new facility at Le Meridien Hotel, Dahab.

“… Another door opens”

Le Meridien, Dahab is a 5 Star resort hotel, located in its own beautiful, spacious grounds, it is furnished with luxurious rooms, all with fantastic views and equipped with extensive facilities including a fantastic Fitness Centre, Spa and Beauty Salon and the beautiful lush grounds of the Hotel. There are a variety of Restaurants that you can choose to eat in and plenty of swimming pools to choose from.

It was with a heavy heart that we had to close Sea Dancer Acacia, but it is with great excitement that we announce the opening of ‘Sea Dancer Dive Resort’ at Le Meridien, Dahab.

Having a Sea Dancer facility at Le Meridien will open up a whole new market for us and give guests and divers staying there the chance to experience the high standards that Sea Dancer offers and that our regular customers expect.

Return customers now have more of a choice, Sea Dancer in Dahab Bay, or Sea Dancer Dive Resort at Le Meridien, Dahab.

We expect to announce more exciting news soon, in the meantime please follow us on Facebook or contact us at or .

See you in Dahab soon!

From all of us at the Sea Dancer Team.

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Manager of Sea Dancer. He likes loud music, scrabble and making sure the dive equipment is in perfect condition.

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