PADI Rescue Course With A Camel

The PADI Rescue Course is a seriously fun course which teaches divers how to deal with a wide range of potential emergency situations.  While diving is a very safe sport (when done correctly) every diver who takes safety seriously should complete this course at some point so they know how to react correctly in an emergency situation and administer emergency first aid if required

In Dahab we have an added hazard of random camels joining the students, we are still working on how to actually ‘rescue’ a camel as rescue breaths are kind of difficult (and quite disgusting) so we might give them a miss. On the plus side, if he recovers you can always ride him home afterwards.



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k » 14 Sep 2016 » Reply

hi im looking for the diving class,l’d like to join the ow and aow together, i wanna know the price for this two class,and can i get some discount for this two?thank u

    Steve » 14 Sep 2016 » Reply


    Thank you for the email. The Open Water Course is 3 – 4 days long you have a book to read with 5 chapters and knowledge reviews after each chapter. There are 5 confined dives and 4 open water dives. A multi choice quiz and short multi choice exam. The price for this course is 250 Euros fully inclusive of equipment, manual, certification and instruction. The Advance Course is 5 dives which consists of 5 dives, the deep and navigation are mandatory then you can chose 3 other dives. The price for this course is 210 Euros per person fully inclusive of manual, certification, instruction, equipment and transfers to and from the dive sites. You will incorporate the famous Canyon and Blue Hole as part of your advanced Course. If you should have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on
    Kindest Regards

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