Special Offer-10 Dives/7 Nights Group Package

Special Offer-10 Dives/7 Nights Group Package

Come and explore Dahab’s most famous sites without blowing the budget!

7 Nights, 10 Dives, plus transfers from/to Sharm airport for only 280 Euros!

What’s the catch? Well, there has to 4 of you and you have to find your way to Sharm airport by yourselves and we will do the rest!

This deal is based on 2 people to an A/C room and a good quality ‘budget’ hotel.

Bed Only (Breakfast extra @ 3 Euros per day)

Offer subject to availability.

Please check with us at mail@seadancerdivecenter.com


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Manager of Sea Dancer. He likes loud music, scrabble and making sure the dive equipment is in perfect condition.

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Jonghoon Yoon » 22 Jan 2015 » Reply

we want a 10 dive group package
we 3 people and 2 are now in Sharm El sheik Oonas dive club
2 of us go there Jan 24th evening
1 of us go there Jan 25th morning

we want a from/to airport pick up and 10 dives and 5 nights tripple room

is that 260 euro per person?
if not, How much is it?
Thank you

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