Peak Performance Buoyancy

Tarierung in Perfektion (Peak Performance Buoyancy in German)

Camilo, Leander and Hans having fun in the buoyancy park at Sea Dancer Dive Center in Dahab, Egypt.

As part of the PADI Advanced Open Water course, you can do a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive.

Camilo, Leander and Hans decided to challenge each other in our buoyancy park in Dahab. This short video shows a few glimpses of what they had to go through. The upside down underwater frisbee was particularly hard…

We actually forced them to do this dive, because Camilo and Leander would monkey around on every dive. So we gave them a dive, where they could get their inner clown out once and for all.

It didn’t work, they still look like a underwater circus act wherever they go. Did I mention that Hans is a professional clown?

If you are interested in mastering your own buoyancy, we have a great buoyancy park in Dahab. So come and join us for a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course.

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